Exercises Exercises
  Doorway Chest Stretch Chest and Shoulder Stretch
  Chair Back Stretch Posterior Shoulder Stretch
  Buttock Lifter Squatting Lat. Stretch
  Standing Quadriceps Stretch Curling Against a Wall
  Yoga Triceps Stretch

Each exercise description includes:

  • A demonstration to view on your PC.
  • Detailed instructions for each stretch including a list of the specific muscle groups you'll be working and a list of alternate stretches that work the same muscle group.
  • These can also be viewed on your PC and/or printed and taken to your health club.
  • Click on a free sample below for an explanation of each muscle group and instructions for the corresponding WF Flexibility Training (stretching) exercises. As a member of WF, you can access all of the stretching demonstrations and exercise instructions.

WF members have access to download the printable version of all the Flexibility exercises and instructions. This is to help members master the techniques and avoid mistakes to prevent injuries and sprain. Click at the button provided below to download the printable version of all the Flexibility Exercises. Download Now