Shoulder and Upper Back.



  • Stand in the basic position. Both handles of the tube lie with one another and are held by both hands.

  • In the starting position the arms are bent at the middle in front of your body.

  • Pull both handles of the tube straight up in the middle of the body, as close to it as possible.

  • The elbows move outwards and upwards while the shoulders remain lowered. In the end position, the elbows should be above shoulder level.

  • If you perform the above exercise easily and want to make it more difficult, stand on the middle of the tube with both legs parallel.


  • Your pelvis and shoulders should be parallel.

  • Don't pull the handles too far from the body, as that can result in unnecessary strain on the shoulder joint.

  • Keep your head straight as it can cause strain on the cervical spine.

  • Don't bend the upper part of the body backwards as this can cause strain on the lumbar spine.