Top 10 to Combat Holiday Stress



According to the Mayo Clinic, the three main trigger points of holiday stress and depression are relationships, finances and physical demands. So, eat, drink and be active.


Exercise Every Day

Get out of the house for a walk to view the Christmas lights and decorations in the evening. Be sure to dress for the weather and take along a flashlight to illuminate your path. Exercise is probably one of the most underrated stress relievers that there is and it can be as simple as getting out, getting a change of scene, going around the block once. Walking, jogging, swimming, yoga or aerobics exercises are one of the most effective remedies for stress. Daily 20-30 minutes exercise session helps you in relaxing the body. It decreases anxiety and strengthens the immune system.


Combine Shopping and Walking
Indoor malls are great places to walk and many have walking clubs. Check with the mall management to see what they offer. Get there early before the crowds get too heavy. If you are planning on shopping in a particular store, park near and entrance on the opposite end of the mall - even if time is short you will still get some exercise.


Stay hydrated and do not skip meals
Eat your meals generally at the same time each day. If a holiday dinner will be delayed, have a small snack at the time of your normal meal to avoid low blood sugar levels and prevent overeating. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water to stay hydrated. Although the cold weather may make you less inclined to grab a glass of water, it is just as important in the winter as it is during the summer. Water helps counter the dehydrating effects of travel or drinking alcoholic beverages, and it may also help satiate your appetite since thirst is often mistaken for hunger.


Vegetables and Salad First
If you are at a party with a lot of tempting food, try to start with healthy vegetables and salads. These will fill you up and reduce the temptation to over-indulge on high fat, high calorie foods. Just a taste of your holiday favorites should satisfy your taste buds. Potatoes, cantaloupe, strawberries, raw cabbage and citrus fruits are very beneficial in combating stress. These are the easiest and safe home remedies for stress. These are full of antioxidant which is very good for reducing stress. This also strengthens your immune system. Magnesium helps a lot to manage your stress level. Green vegetables like spinach, almonds and seeds are the best source of magnesium. It also helps in muscle spasms.



Take short relaxation breaks to let go of tension
It is difficult to sustain high levels of activity and stimulation, especially at holiday time, without taking some "down time" to restore yourself. This is easy to do when you remember to use your breath as your guide. Whenever you notice you are getting stressed or anxious, simply (1) stop and pause for a moment, (2) take in a deep breath, and (3) slowly exhale, releasing any tension you may be carrying. Use spare moments throughout the day to breathe away tension or to recall pleasant images and memories that will help soothe you. You can also practice relaxation guided imagery to calm your mind and body. By reducing your overall anxiety level in these ways, you will be better able to cope with the pressures of the holidays.


Know Your Food Ingredients
If you are eating out and have food allergies don't be afraid to ask about ingredients in dishes made by others. Be especially careful of home baked goods if you have an allergy to tree nuts or peanuts. Those ingredients may not be obvious at first sight but can be deadly if you are affected by these types of allergies. If a person already has a tendency to experience GERD symptoms, the best bet is to take these medications prior to the holiday meal to prevent problems before they start.


Accept Imperfections

Holiday TV specials are filled with happy endings. But in real life, people don't usually resolve problems within an hour or two. Something always comes up. You may get stuck late at the office and miss your daughter's school play, your sister may dredge up an old argument, your partner may burn the cookies, and your mother may criticize how you're raising the kids. All in the same day. Accept imperfections in yourself and in others.


Go for a body massage

A complete body massage is one of the best home remedies for stress. Stress can cause headaches and body pain. A good body massage can relax the muscles and improve blood circulation in the body. This will give tremendous relief in body pain and stress. Head massage can soothe the nerves and gives relief from stress and headaches. Hot bath after massage can cleanse the skin and head that will relax the muscles and reduce the stress.


Get a Good Nights Sleep
Holiday celebrations can often disrupt regular sleep patterns. Try to get to sleep at the same time every night and avoid heavy foods and alcoholic beverages before bedtime. Take a nap if you feel the need during the day to help recharge your energy.


Be realistic towards your weight.

Don't try to lose weight during the holidays -- this may be a self-defeating goal. Instead, strive to maintain your weight by balancing party eating with other meals. Eating lighter foods doesn't mean taking the joy out of celebrating. It only means skimming off the fat, cutting back a little and learning to modify traditional recipes.


Look to the holidays as a new beginning and focus on the opportunities of the future rather than regrets of the past. That includes setting realistic resolutions for the new year.


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