Below is a list of all the very important topics we'll discuss throughout the weight management content section. Members receive full access to the weight management content (and all of the WF website). In addition, sample topics are provided FREE for non-members. Please refer to the chart below.

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  Introduction The Roles of Fat and the Three Kinds of Fat Cells
  Importance of Adequate Nutrition Guidelines and Recommendations for Saturated Fat
  Nutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation Guidelines and Recommendations for Monounsaturated Fat 
Importance of Pre-Pregnancy and Adolescent Nutrition Guidelines and Recommendations for Polyunsaturated Fat
Reducing Fat in your Diet Guidelines and Recommendations for Hydrogenated Fat 
Daily Food Choices Fat and Cholesterol Guidelines and Recommendations
Nutrition of the Cancer Patient The Roles and Recommendations for Protein 
  Words Indicating Low-Fat Choices
  The Ten Certainties of Successful Weight Management

The nutrition contents is your on-line "how to" manual. Everything you need to know about nutrition and exactly how to achieve the results you desire is taught in this manual.

The nutrition contents is 40 pages long and can be viewed on your computer or printed out.

Below is a list of all the very important topics we'll discuss throughout the nutrition content. Members receive full access to the nutrition contents (and all of the WF website). In addition, sample topics are provided FREE for non-members. Please refer to the chart below.

Our life styles and eating habits have changed drastically over the last ten to twenty years, some for betters but more for worse.  More and more women are overweight, suffering from cancer, depression or constipation or living in an eating disorder 'jail'.


Women Fitness (WF) under this section will inform you about the food guide pyramid developed by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)


Besides women due to lack of knowledge are unable to make healthy choices for themselves and their families under this section you will be informed about the guidelines to make healthy choices of food while shopping and cooking. Once you know the ingredients and principles around which you should base your food intake, you will enjoy choosing foods and shopping.


Women fail to understand what a healthy diet should look like and thus and unable to decide as to what to eat and what to avoid. Women Fitness (WF) under this section will help you decide as to what a healthy diet looks like? A good diet is a varied and interesting one but not an expensive or difficult one. It is based on generous amounts of fillings, energy rich food such as bread, rice, pasta and potatoes and also plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Download Printable Version of Nutrition of the cancer patient  

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In the nutrition content, you will find information on:

  • Importance of Adequate Nutrition .
  • Nutrition during pregnancy and Lactation .
  • An introduction to the six basic nutrients 
  • The role of fat in nutrition 
  • The three different kinds of fat cells 
  • The role of LDL cholesterol and recommended levels 
  • The role of HDL cholesterol and recommended levels 
  • Why some women store body fat more easily than others 
  • Why having too much body fat is harmful 
  • The four kinds of dietary fat, those that are better for you, and food sources and healthy recommendations for each 
  • Why saturated and hydrogenated fats can be harmful to the body 
  • Why monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats can be good for you 
  • How to determine if a particular food is high in saturated fat 
  • Foods high in fat and cholesterol 
  • Fat and cholesterol guidelines 
  • The role of protein in nutrition 
  • The 22 amino acids, their relationship to protein, their roles in nutrition 
  • The importance of getting the nine essential amino acids in your diet 
  • The difference between a complete and an incomplete protein 
  • Foods that are complete sources of protein 
  • Why proteins should be consumed with complex carbohydrates 
  • Recommendations for the percentage of total calories from protein and the number of grams of protein you should consume relative to your exercise program and body weight 
  • The risk of consuming too much protein 
  • The role of carbohydrates in nutrition 
  • The role of glucose and its relation to carbohydrates 
  • The role of insulin, its relation to glucose, and its importance in a weight-management program 
  • The roles of simple carbohydrates, their food sources, and recommendations for daily intake 
  • The roles of fiber, food sources, and recommendations for daily intake 
  • The two kinds of fibers and how they differ 
  • Why fiber helps fight disease and is important to a successful weight-management program 
  • The importance of combining protein with high complex carbohydrate meals and how they interact with each other 
  • The role, food sources, RDAs, and deficiencies and toxicities of each vitamin 
  • The role, food sources, RDAs, and deficiencies and toxicities of each mineral 
  • The role and importance of antioxidants and how they help fight infections and diseases 
  • The role of water in nutrition. 
  • Recommendations and guidelines for how much you should consume daily and during exercise 
  • How to know if you are consuming enough water 
  • How to best combine strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and flexibility training into your nutrition program.
  • Caloric and protein  intake during pregnancy .
  • Nutrition during Lactation.


Importance of Adequate Nutrition



Developing a healthy relationship with food is very important to derive maximum benefit  from a fitness program , at the same time it is important that you enjoy what you are eat . Bad eating habits don't just mean bad food , they also mean being out of harmony with the way you eat : excess weight , indigestion and many other problems which occur when women do not listen to their bodies and eat properly . A healthy eating lifestyle provides all the necessary nutrients to create and repair tissues , to sustain a healthy immune system and to enable the body to execute daily tasks with ease .


Carbohydrates , protein and fats constitute the  basic structure of a healthy eating lifestyle supported by vitamins and minerals .

Carbohydrate constitute the base of a healthy eating plan and provide the body energy at a slower ,and steadier rate . Carbohydrates consumed may be in form of simple or complex state .  All carbohydrates taken in by the body first have to be digested and converted into a type of sugar that the body can use . Women you have diets rich in  carbohydrates accompanied with fiber are much less likely to suffer from variety of problems , including constipation, diabetes, mood swings and infertility .


Protein is needed by the body to build strong muscles , repair tissues and maintain an effective immune and hormonal system . Proteins in the diet are broken down by digestive enzymes and absorbed into the blood as amino-acids , often called the building blocks of protein .Under, WF nutritional program you will learn  as to the amount of protein that is required by your body to fulfill its goal .  Excess of protein in diet may be used for energy or stored as fat . 1 gram of protein provides 4 calories .


Fat provides our body a very concentrated source of energy . Women with very low body fat  levels , such as anorexics or serious athletes , can have problem keeping warm . Fat is required by the body to prevent excessive loss of body heat . Fat is also needed to carry the sex hormones , estrogen and progesterone around the body .Too much of body fat can cause you to develop high blood pressure and heat disease , and aggravate joint problems such as osteoarthritis . Some fat is essential in every women's diet . Foods that contain fats not only provide energy but also contain the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K , which are vital in the development and maintenance of a healthy body and mind . There are different kinds of fat -saturated and unsaturated . You will be informed about their sources, role in diet and hazard or benefits once you become a WF member .


Water is an essential component of good health as it is needed to keep the body flushed of waste products ,to keep the skin ,hair and the body organs healthy , to produce digestive enzymes and to enable the body to glean all the beneficial nutrients from the foods and drinks we consume . Most women should try to drink two to three liters of water every day . Besides women who regularly exercise need to pay a special attention to water consumption .


Vitamins and Minerals play an important role in a women's diet  providing her with all the nutrients essential for repair and maintenance . Vitamins play a key role in energy production , growth , maintenance and repair . They are only needed in small amounts , but must be obtained from diet as the body cannot manufacture them . There are 13 vitamins needed by humans , of which 4 are fat soluble vitamins and 9 are water soluble .


WF nutritional program will teach you about the various vitamins their sources , function , deficiencies  and RDA requirement by the body .  


Minerals at the same time are inorganic substances that must be included in adequate amounts in a women's diet to maintain a number of vital functions and body processes , such as regulation of heart-beat , transportation of oxygen to every cells , formation of hemoglobin , the building and maintenance of strong bones and teeth and muscle contraction .


Thus , we can say that to become healthy and maintain a healthy weight , it is essential that we provide our body with good nutrition . WF aims to help you understand and develop a healthy eating lifestyle by making the right choices of food , you need to eat .        



Nutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation



Women should be recognized as the creators of progeny and accorded special status and attention is society. Healthy mothers produce healthy babies while high-risk and sick mother produce low birth weight and at-risk babies. The growth and well being of the fetus is dependent upon the health and nutrition of the mother (not the father!) because she is both the seed as well as the soil where the baby is nurtured for 9 months. Moreover, healthy mothers are in a better position to look after the healthy needs of their children. WF has a special fitness program for all mothers who want to return to leading a normal and healthy life after pregnancy and childbirth. 

Importance of Pre-Pregnancy and Adolescent Nutrition  


It is generally not realized that adequate nutrition of girls and women during the adolescence and before marriage is as important (actually more important !) as nutrition during pregnancy and lactation. Adequate nutrition and health care during the crucial and vulnerable period of childhood is associated with flowering of their full genetic potential in the areas of physical health, mental development and emotional maturity.

Premarital Health Check-Up

According to National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau, 95% of adolescent girls are anemic. One-third of 18 year old women have a body weight of <40 kg and height , 145 cm and they are vulnerable to produce low birth weight (<2500 g) babies. Adolescent girls should be provided with supplements of iron and folic acid to maintain hemoglobin above 12g/dl. All girls should preferably be immunized against rubella and tetanus before marriage. Premarital genetic counseling and recognition of metabolic carrier states  would be of help to the couple to help  reduce the incidence of genetic disorders. A girl should undergo a complete medical check up before getting married so that she is fully equipped to meet the needs to her baby when she gets pregnant. Teenage pregnancy should be avoided due to serious health risks to the mother and her offspring. The idea age of 20-35 years for bearing children needs to be emphasized to discourage too early and late marriages. The adverse effects of smoking, chewing tobacco and taking alcohol on the growing fetus should be highlighted to motivate the addicted women to wean off the habit.