Hair Style : Ponytail Styler

A simple pony tail can be transformed easily and quickly using the clever style

  • Clasp the hair into ponytail and secure it with a covered band. Insert the styler.

  • Thread the ponytail through the styler.

  • Begin to pull the styler down.....

  • ....continue pulling....

  • the ponytail pulls through....

  • ... and emerges underneath.

  • Smooth the hair with your hand and insert the styler again, repeating steps 2 to 6 once more to give a neat and smooth, chignon loop.

Styling Checklist

  • Time:10-15 minutes, depending on experience

  • Ease/Difficulty: Quite easy, but can be fiddly

  • Hair type: Long straight, one length

You will need

  • Covered Bands

  • Ponytail Styler

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