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Hockey Player Ashley Hoffman's 5 Stretches to Avoid Injury

06 April 2020

Stretching each day can improve blood flow and keep the muscles energized and loose. Besides, a good hockey stretching program will help to increases your range of motion, which will help to gain swiftness, agility and puck handling skills.

15 Foods That Are Mood Boosters

06 April 2020

We usually fail to realise that our diet has a tremendous effect on our overall health and wellbeing. What do you do when feeling stressed or feeling down

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Stress Awareness

April 2020



Weight Loss

Sleeping Off The Pounds
03 March 2020

Some of us, even those who remain active and eat right, find that we gain unwanted weight as we age. What may be missing is adequate sleep. Not sleeping enough seems to be associated with metabolic changes that can lead to overeating and obesity.


Updated Vaccine Guidelines for Female Infertility Patients: ASRM
22 February 2020

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has issued new recommendations regarding vaccinations for women of reproductive ages, updating previous guidelines issued in 2008.


Obesity Increases Risk for Covid-19: Take Extra Precautions  
01 April 2020

People of any age with severe obesity - a body mass index of 40 or more - stand a high risk of serious illness from COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Women Beauty

Finding Right Shoes for Your Feet and Posture
01 April 2020

When it comes to the beauty and fashion world, there are plenty of cliches that can help guide you in your style choices

Fitness For Models

Best Workouts for Women 
06 April 2020

Exercise can give you more benefits than you will ever know. Apart from giving you the perfect figure, it does a lot of good things to your systems. So why not hit two goals with one routine? Get it done and get a healthier, sexier and fitter looking body in no time.


Yoga For A Healthy Heart
01 February 2020

Eight million women today are living with heart disease, and they're developing it at younger and younger ages. Stress is considered to be a major contributing factor. Yoga is a gentle form of exercise. It is not normally aerobic, and does not place a strain on the heart or other organs. A wide variety of yoga positions can be done in bed, sitting down, lying on the floor or standing.