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Options for Treating Clinical Depression

20 February 2019

Once referred to as melancholy, clinical depression has come to be recognized recently. Medical science has found ways to treat this debilitating and oftentimes dangerous disorder. While much about depression remains a mystery for scientists and researchers, these treatment options represent the cutting edge in terms of ways to address a condition affecting more than 300 million people around the world...

The Do's & Don'ts of Sports Parenting's

20 February 2019

There is no denying that sports are an important part of today's society. Forbes Magazine has predicted the sports industry will earn over 73.5 billion dollars in 2019. Professional athletes have incredible earning potential and many parents push their child into sports hoping they will be among the best of the best. Many parents will spend thousands of dollars for training and equipment in pursuit of a possible college scholarship or professional contract, often putting undue pressure on their child..

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Healthy Heart Awareness Month

February 2019

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the world. The good news? It is also one of the most preventable. Making heart-healthy choices, knowing your family health history and the risk factors for heart disease, having regular check-ups and working with your physician to manage your health are all integral aspects of saving lives from this often silent killer. Lets celebrate FEBRUARY as Healthy Heart Month.


Weight Loss

Reasons Why Working Out Can Help Decrease Fat
15 February 2019

You have just started working out and are weighing yourself daily on the bathroom scale to see if any excess pounds have dropped off. To your surprise, it has been about two weeks and you have already lost 5 pounds.


4 Tips For Women To Find Balance Between #fitlife & #momlife
09 February 2019

Merging #momlife & #fitnesslife, albeit tough, are possible to balance. Taking care of yourself while being a mom can be quite difficult, especially in the beginning. Most women are in a rush to get back to the way things were before baby. Or maybe the pressure or lack of support from society is rushing moms to return to how "they used to be"? This just isn't realistic though.


Losing Excess Body Weight can improve Symptoms of GERD. 
24 November 2018

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) accounts for at least 9 million office visits to physicians with Chronic heartburn as the most common symptom.

Women Beauty

5 Home Made Face & Body Scrub
19 February 2019

The skin cells of the face and body, regularly shed to reveal new, healthier skin underneath. This turnover process tends to slow down with age; to give your skin a boost, reach out for a body scrub with products available in your kitchen..

Fitness For Models

What Every Gym Babe Needs In Her Bag 
05 January 2019

Always on the go and still want to look great! Now there are no excuses not to. The necessities below are my gym bag "must haves". They make my life super easy and I always feel my best. I am sure you will love them too!.


5 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss
05 February 2019

The plank engages several large muscle groups of the body including arms, abs, lower back, glutes and shoulders. This pose is often performed to ready the body for more difficult poses. It can also help with improving balance, supporting posture and is an essential exercise for overall fitness and strength.