Hair Structure


Your hair are important contributors to your total look and given the right care they can make you look great. If neglected they can distract one from your appearance.

Hair, is an integral part of the structure of your skin and like your skin, it changes with passage of time.


A single strand of hair is made up of several components:-

  • The hair shaft: The visible part of the hair is dead. It grows from the narrow tube below the surface of the scalp which is called a follicle.

  • The hair follicle: (sac)- is the portion of hair below the skin's surface, is a single structure which lives and grows at an average rate of 1-3 centimeters (1/2 to 1") per month.

  • At the base of hair follicle lie papilla, which eventually form hair.

  • Sebaceous glands: Next to each follicle produce natural oil that keeps the hair lubricated and shiny.

  • The hair extends through epidermis into the dermis, from where it receives its blood supply and sensitivity.

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