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Simple solutions to your biggest hair worries

Simple solutions to your biggest hair worriesWhen it comes to hair care, think seasonally. During the winter, there's no humidity in the air, so hair flattens out as it loses moisture. Switch to lighter products and nongreasy formulas. For summer's high humidity, go with formulas that slick hair down and maintain shape and shine.

Problem: Dry and Frizzy hair

90% of us suffer with dry brittle or frizzy hair because our hair is deficient of (moisture) WATER! Curly or frizzy hair can often be very hard to manage. Harder still is trying to turn your frizzy, curly hair into a smooth, straight and silky looking hairdo. For curly hair, work anti-frizz gel through hair and blow-dry using a diffuser attachment. For straight hair, apply straightening cream, then divide hair into sections. Always start with the underneath hair first and then work your way through the hair to the top and front sections. Each section of hair should be a manageable amount for you to handle straightening. This will depend on the thickness of your hair and what you can manage. It is best to start with a small amount and increase the size of the sections, as you become more experienced with the process. Using a big round brush to hold hair taut, blow-dry each section, aiming air down the hair shaft. Finish with a straightening iron after hair is dry.

You could also use very large Velcro rollers and roll each section of hair up in them and then let it dry naturally. This method works well and is probably the least harsh to the hair but it takes longer. The rollers will also tend to curl up then ends of the hair slightly, but if that is not the look you desire you could use the round brush and blow dry them straight out.

Simple solutions to your biggest hair worriesFast Fix: Finger-dry roots to avoid overheating. Use a lightweight detangling spray. Rub finishing emulsion between your palms and smooth over any frizz. When letting hair dry naturally, don't put your fingers through your hair until it is completely dry - especially on humid days.

You can also make use of this weekly home remedy "hair mask" to give your hair a smooth, shiny appearance. Mix one egg to one part mayo and one part olive oil. Make a paste and apply to hair. Wrap hair in a towel and allow to work at least 30 minutes. Rinse out and shampoo and condition as usual.





Believe it or not, grease, mousses and gels make caring for this kind of hair harder!!
Chemical build-ups require more washing than is healthy.

Problem: Greasy Hair

Greasy hair is due to a build-up of the natural secretion ('grease' or, more correctly, sebum) from glands in the scalp (sebaceous glands). The sebum passes into the hair follicle and spreads upwards and over the hair shaft. It is not absorbed into the shaft.

For oily hair that needs frequent washing, avoid using shine-enhancing products, which can make greasy hair look stringy. Don't use creamy conditioners and waxes that stay on the hair shaft and put your oil production into overdrive. Don't over-brush. Use a dab of leave-in conditioner on the ends only, avoiding the scalp. After you have styled your hair, avoid fingering it or running your fingers through it.

Fast Fix: Blot your scalp with oil-absorbing sheets intended for your face.

Frequent washing does not encourage the production of grease

Problem: Lanky or limp Hair

Simple solutions to your biggest hair worriesShampoo with a volumizing product, then apply a light conditioner to the ends. When your hair is 60 per cent dry, apply 5-10 spritzes of body boosting spray to your roots. While blow-drying, lift sections of your hair with fingers or a vent brush and aim heat at roots.

If your hair does not hold a curl at all, try doing a wet set to lock in more tendrils. Shampoo and towel dry hair, apply a light mousse and then wrap in curlers. Sit under a hood dryer until hair is dry. Carefully remove curlers and then replace with hot rollers.
Leave the rollers in until completely cool. Remove curlers and carefully arrange curls with your fingers. Spray with a good holding hairspray to retain the curls.

Fast Fix: Lift your hair at the roots and spritz with light, flexible-hold spray.

Problem: Fly-away Hair

Static electricity is caused by friction between your comb and you hair, and between individual hairs. Don't comb too often. Conditioners coat the hair, Which provides insulation. Use the highest-level conditioner you can that doesn't weigh you hair down. Conditioners coat the hair, providing insulation, so using a light spray of leave-in conditioner might be just the solution for you. You also can try applying a drop of silicone serum, which will keep hair under control and add a bit of shine.

Fast Fix: Lightly spray on leave-in conditioner or apply drops of silicone serum.


Problem: Porous Hair

Porous hairs will quickly soak up whatever you put on it, as well as the humidity in the air. If your hair gets frizzy on muggy days and flat on very dry ones, it's probably porous. Coarse hair is often porous, as is any hair that has been permed, straightened, permanently colored or otherwise damaged.

Fast Fix: Use a rich conditioner and leave on as long as possible. Look for products containing proteins and humectants, especially at the ends. Silicon serums can help smooth down the cuticle and add shine. A hat is still your best option for protecting your locks (and face) from the drying effects of summer.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)are the closest to natural sebum, a natural oil that the scalp produces. EFAs can transform dry and porous hair into soft pliable hair.

There's a lot to love about the summer, but what it does to your hair usually isn't on the list. Along with sunny outings and romps on the beach can come dryness, tangles, and unpleasant changes in hair color.


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