10 Tips For Top Hair

Your hair reflects the state of your inner health and well being. An unhealthy diet and lifestyle, tiredness and stress all take their toll on your hair.

Banish Split Ends

By having your hair trimmed regularly. Use a wide � toothed comb rather than a brush on wet hair and don�t overheat your hair when blow- drying � use a nozzle and direct the hot air parallel to the hair shaft rather than directly on the hair. Click here, for split end treatment.

To Treat Dandruff

Choose a naturally based product and avoid any that contain metal oxides. Rinse your hair well after a dandruff treatment and avoid touching the scalp as it may be more prone to picking up infection.

Good � Quality Hairbrush

Always use a good � quality hairbrush. Poor � quality brushes and combs will scratch the scalp and damage the hair shaft. Don�t over brush your hair since this will stimulate sebum production, encouraging oily hair, breakages and spilt ends.

Brush Your Hair Before Washing

It to massage the scalp and help loosen dead skin cells.

Nerve Use Hotter Than A Medium Heat When Blow- Drying

Finish blow�drying with a blast of cold air to close the cuticles � when cuticles lie flat, hair reflects the light and looks healthier and shiner.


Colour Your Hair

If you colour your hair, try to avoid non-organic dyes, especially peroxides. Temporary colours can be easily washed in and out at home � some lasting for just one shampoo, others for up to 12 washes.

Avoid Over-Drying Colour

Treated hair
with dryers, heated rollers or curling tongs. Let naturally if possible.

Consider Letting Your Natural Graying / Silvering Hair Colour Come Through?

If you are of� a certain, why not forget about colorants and consider letting your natural graying / silvering hair colour come through? Perhaps make a fresh start and have you hair cut in a shorter style to remove all the damaged, discolored and mistreated hair, Jump before you are pushed!

Try Conditioning Your Hair

With inexpensive natural ingredients such as eggs yolks (for normal to dry hair), egg whites (for oily or balanced hair), or a strong herbal infusion of camomile (for oily or balanced hair).

Protect Colour

Treated hair
against the effects of sun, and swimming pools. Wear a hat or scarf in hot sun, wear a swimming cap or really a conditioner to act as a barrier against chlorine. Always shampoo hair immediately after swimming.

Hair Boosters

Nourish your hair with these simple, vitamin-rich treats

Salad Feasts - Enjoy griddled peppers drizzled with olive oil; raw vegetables dipped in guacamole; baby leaves drizzled with lime juice and walnut oil, sprinkled with walnuts; grated carrot with lemon juice.

Golden Fruit -
Make a salad of yellow-fleshed fruits such as apricots, oranges, peaches, melons, mangoes and grapefruit.

- An avocado, pitted and drizzled with olive oil; and the occasional handful of mixed nuts such as walnut and almonds.

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