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Yoga in Action

Choosing The Right Music For Meditation

According to data released by Google, search interest in mindfulness has increased by over 430 percent since 2004. When it comes to meditating, the biggest challenge most people face is simply starting or sustaining a practice.


Actress Bahara Golestani Talks Movies, Fitness & Lots More!

After making a splash in multiple headlines with her announcement on Deadline, Variety and The Wrap, beguiling and multi-faceted actor Bahara Golestani is the new fresh face to watch on the new season of NBC's smash hit series "This Is Us."

Women Beauty

Winter Fashion Trends for 2019

Look no further for the latest winter fashion tips for 2019!. Build your own look with denim, leather, and basic bottoms: Have a good selection of basic bottoms in your wardrobe: Choose from solid-colored culottes, denim, capris, and standard pants.

Fitness for Models

Top 10 Truths About Being a Model

Models are considered to be glamorous people who lead a glamorous life, but there are some facts that one needs to know about this magical-world.

Obesity Center

Consuming 1,200 Calories/Day for Weight loss

Consuming 1,200 calories a day may involve a significant reduction in daily calories or may represent a slight reduction, depending on a person's usual calorie intake.

Building Strength

Top 10 Tips Prevent Teen Sex and Pregnancy

Statistics show that teen girls who have sex for the first time before age 15 are twice as likely to become a teen mother.

Fertility & Pregnancy

Psoriasis During Pregnancy

It seems pregnancy brings more than a "healthy glow." It might also help clear psoriasis for those who have the skin disease.

Women Health Concern

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, dedicated to increasing public awareness of early detection and value of early treatment. Although mammogram rates have risen, it is still crucial to understand the importance of early screening. Approximately 180, 000 American women are newly diagnosed with breast cancer disease each year, and it is the leading killer of women in midlife (ages forty to fifty-five) . The only cancer that kills more women overall is lung cancer, but breast cancer is actually responsible for more years of life lost because it generally afflicts younger women. At Women fitness you learn more about breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.