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Charisma Davis

Charisma Davis: Exceptionally Talented Model and Influencer Talks About her Fitness Regime, Beauty Secrets and Success Story

Charisma Davis is a model, creative Influencer, entrepreneur and mindset coach. She is about 24 year old influencer that empowers others through coaching and modeling...

Makeup Tips for 2023
Beauty & Fashion

'New Year, New Me': Makeup Tips for 2023 by Christina Flach

Out with the old, in with the new! As we leave 2022 behind, we enter a new year, with new trends, new products, and new makeup hacks...

Juice Therapy To Prevent Cancer
Disease Management

Juice Therapy To Prevent Cancer

Studies indicate that beta-carotene has potent anti-cancer properties and may actually reverse precancerous conditions such as oral leukoplakia...

Alice Veglio

Alice Veglio: A Winner Against All Odds

Alice Veglio is considered one of the most prominent international personal trainers and women empowerment activist in Italy and internationally...

Valentine’s Day Recipes

7 Valentine’s Day Hear-Shaped Appetizers

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner, with your friends, family or by yourself...

Article of the Month

February is Heart Health Awareness Month

Heart Month is observed to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy heart and to encourage healthy habits that help reduce the risk of heart disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular disease is the world’s number one cause of death, killing over 17 million people every year.

Shankh Mudra
Meditation Point

Shankh Mudra: The Doorway to Good Health

In Indian culture and mythology, the Shankh is an auspicious sign and object. The blowing of Shankh denotes...

Christina Hooper

Trainer Christina Hooper “My Biggest Fear is Multiple Sclerosis.”

Christina Hooper is the owner of Backcountry Fitness & Conditioning, where she runs Boot camp classes, offers online training influences hundreds of clients...