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Yoga in Action

Yoga For Enhanced Vision

Stress and increment in chronological age, tends to weaken the muscles around the eyes. Eyesight becomes weak after the muscles around the eyes lose their elasticity and become rigid, thereby reducing the power to focus different distances. In addition, tension around the eyes affects the brain causing stress and anxiety.


Actor Tina Lifford Talks About Her Passion, Fitness, Films & Lots More

Reality TV Star, Abigail Clarke, shot to success after her spectacular appearance as a cast member on TOWIE. Women Fitness had the wonderful chance to speak to Abi as she talks about her experience with liposuction, diet and workout routine!

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Best Swimsuits For Your Body Type

There are few things quite so nerve-racking as stripping down and facing those fluorescent fitting room lights after a winter of freezing weather, Netflix marathons, and maybe a little too much comfort food (hey, we're all human).

Fitness for Models

Ninja Workout: Why It Is One Of The Biggest Fitness Trends Of 2019?

Real ninja training comes from three ancient ninja scrolls: the Shoninki, the Ninpiden, and the Bansenshukai. These have been translated into English and deal almost exclusively with the use of tools, herbal concoctions, psychological warfare, explosives, disguise, and stealth. Real ninja training also includes lessons on how to move silently. ..

Obesity Center

Weight Stability: a Health Priority During Menopause

Weight stability is a phenomenon by which a one maintains roughly the same body weight over a long period of time. Trust me maintaining an ideal body weight is a great goal for older adults.

Building Strength

Top 10 Ways To Take A Digital Detox

No matter how much we deny it, the digital world has engulfed the world with its good & bad. Electronics on high volume with constant use could adversely affect our hearing, constant tapping onto a screen might give us repetitive strain syndrome neck and back problems.

Fertility & Pregnancy

EQUELLE: A New Non-Hormonal Supplement for Menopause Symptom Relief

Substance abuse has the potential to affect the reproductive health of both males and females negatively. In fact, drug addiction and alcoholism can lead to infertility. When a woman abuses drugs or drinks alcohol during pregnancy, she puts her unborn child at the risk of complications that relate to pregnancy. She also exposes the child to risks of future problems that may affect their health as well as functioning ability after birth.

Women Health Concern

Eye Health and Safety Month

April is Women's Eye Health and Safety Month. This eye health awareness month is promoted by Prevent Blindness America. According to Prevent Blindness America and the National Eye Institute, more than 3.6 million Americans age 40 and older suffer from visual impairment, including blindness, and 2.3 million of these are women.