What does it take to be a  Model ?



  • Having the look that someone needs (generally the client) for the project they are working on at that time,

  • Making life easier for the art director and the photographer so they will want to work with you, and

  • Making sure the client, photographer, and art director know you exist and want to work.

The first has a lot to do with what you inherited genetically (your looks and talent) and what you have done with them. The second and third are where being a model comes in - knowing what to do and how to market yourself. When a project calls for someone attractive to stand next to a new product, the person who can constantly look good in front of the camera, show the emotional expression that is needed on cue, show up on time and leave on time and in so many other ways make the shoot go quickly, efficiently, and successfully, is the person who will get the job. That is also the person who gets asked back the next time. The part after the genetics is what I consider makes a professional model.

Now that you are mentally prepared to make the change, it's time to actually begin to physically make the effort.

1st Stop eating hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, and pizza, and start eating grilled chicken sandwiches, blackened tuna sandwiches, and turkey burgers.

The key to being in shape is to use food as fuel, not as pleasure. If you starve your body of its fuel, it stops working properly and ends up hoarding its fat stores for fuel and not burning it. Everything from your brain to your blood needs the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and even the fats that are found in good nutritious foods. The next time you go to eat a candy bar read the label to see exactly how much you are actually "feeding" your body.

2nd Stop drinking colas and milk shakes, and start drinking fat-free milk, juice, and lots of water. Drink eight to 10 8-oz. glasses of water daily.

3rd Stop eating candy, cookies, cakes, and pies, and start eating fruit, fat-free yogurt, graham crackers and fat-free Jell-O.

4th Stop sitting on the couch watching TV, and start a cardiovascular program of running, jogging, or fast walking for 30 minutes a day, four to six days a week. A good heart rate per minute for burning body fat is 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. Begin your cardio routine by starting slowly. Take about 10 minutes to warm up to your target heart rate. Once you reach your target heart rate's beats per minute, keep it there 20 to 30 minutes. Do a 10-minute cool-down to slowly return your heart rate back to normal.

Figure your target heart rate by following this mathematic equation:

220 - age x 70% (.70) = BPM (beats per minute)

Example: 220 - 17 = 203 x 70% (.70) = 142 beats per minute

5th Start exercising your muscles three times a week or every other day. You should complete three to four sets for each exercise with 10-12 repetitions per set. Remember: there are three areas of the body that will normally show when wearing an evening gown � the arms, legs, and back. I realize that you must have your stomach and hips toned and tight in order to fit into your gown, and you will definitely need to exercise these areas of the body. What I am talking about now are the areas of your body that everyone will actually see when you arrive at the prom.

Running and fast walking will help tone your legs along with burning body fat. Performing Alternate Dumbbell Curls (see accompanying photo illustration) will improve the look of your arms. Doing Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows will give your back a more attractive appearance.