Women Fitness Team

Women Fitness Team

President, Women Fitness

Ms. Namita Nayyar

(M.Sc.) Gold Medallist, Nutrition & Fitness Expert (IFA)
Namita Nayyar, creator of WF, has studied in-depth about exercise and nutrition, both normal and therapeutic. President of Women Fitness (WF), she is the author of all five "on-line books" of complete fitness  and has designed  the customized strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility training programs for women to assist them in achieving their health and fitness goals. She has trained many women in this field.

Namita has a M.Sc. degree in child development . She was awarded a gold medal by the Governor  after an all round performance in the Institute of Home Science. Here she learned all about nutrition and relation to human body.

She holds seminar for adolescent girls regularly to educate them to have a healthy concept towards life and themselves.

Besides her knowledge in exercise science, has helped her to assist number of women in healthy living. As a lifestyles and weight management consultant  she continues to help number of women to achieve a healthy living, a life free of diseases, pain and emotional disturbances.

  • Namita's philosophy

I believe that by focusing on our day-to-day behavior instead of our physical curves, we can help us live longer and enjoy our lives more. Studies have constantly shown that what we eat, and how we exercise, plays a major role in how our bodies are affected by most chronic and age-related diseases, including cancer, diabetes, stroke and osteoporosis.

Smart Nutrition combined with strength training, cardiovascular training and stretching can help us develop a permanent realistic lifestyle that will translate into better health and happiness.

She is a Aerobics & Fitness Instructor certified from International Fitness Association


Vice President, Women Fitness,

Ms. Tanya Nayyar

B.Sc (Computer Science), M.B.A (Marketing)
With a keen interest in Advertising and Social Media Marketing, Tanya Nayyar is a Proficient Digital Marketer. She has published two papers on Search Engine Optimization and Blue Ocean Strategy for Online Businesses in Top International Journals. She loves to read and is a quick learner.

She applies her talent and knowledge in spreading awareness about the latest news on women health and fitness across various diversified platforms. She is also a Thespian in Performing Arts with numerous awards and accolades to her name in the field of Acting and Direction.


Managing Director

Mr. Rohit Nayyar

FCA, LLB, M.A. (Economics), MBA (Finance)
With over 30 years of experience in financial services, Mr. Rohit Nayyar, is the legal consultant to Women Fitness (WF). He has a blooming practice as a Chartered Accountant offering professional services and consultancy to umpteen numbers of companies and multinationals.

Inspite of having a decked up schedule, Mr. Nayyar offers his relentless services to Women Fitness with a hope of building a brighter and healthier tomorrow for the budding generation.

He is the Managing Director of the company and deeply looks into matters concerning collaborations, partnerships, advertising and other forms of business with WF.


Consulting Gynaecologist & Obstetrician

Dr. (Ms.) Kamlesh Tandon

DGO, MS,FICMCH0, Gynecologist & Obstetrician
Dr. Kamlesh Tandon is a Senior Gynecologist and Obstetrician running her own Nursing Home. 

She earned her MBBS, DGO & MS. She has her own private practice and has treated more than two generation, women to have healthy pregnancy and child birth. 

She has been constantly guiding women on importance of healthy diet and exercise during and after pregnancy. Her patients are all praises for her.

She is member of : FOGSI / UPCOG, AOGS, AOJAGO, IFUMB



Consulting Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Anil Kumar Varshney,

M.S.(Ortho), F.R.C.S,F.I.C.S.
A senior orthopaedic surgeon has offered his services in  many countries. His services extends to a span of more than 30 years. He is the Chief Surgeon to a Private Orthopaedic Hospital. Besides he has a Mechanical Engineering Workshop for the development of Instruments and Implants.


All WF Members have access to him for consultations and reference 24 hours a day.


Work Experience:

  • House Surgeon : Surgery & Ortho, S.N. Medical College Agra One year.
  • Demonstrator : Teaching Job at S.N. Medical College Agra Two years.
  • Assistant Surgeon at Chest Surgery : University Clinic Vienna Austria for One year.
  • Casualty Medical Officer : at County Hospital Haverford west U.K. for One year.
  • Senior House Officer : Surgery & Orthopedics, General Hospital, Aderdare U.K. for One year.
  • Registrar in Orthopedics : General Hospital Merthyr U.K. for Three months.
  • Medical Assistant in Orthopedics: General Hospital Barry U.K. for Three months.
  • Registrar in Orthopedics : Royal Infirmary Stoke on Trent U.K., Teaching Hospital for One year.
  • Pool Officer in Orthopedics : S.N. Medical College Agra Three years.
  • Chief Surgeon : to a Private Orthopedic Hospital  having Radiological, Operative and Histopathological facilities, dealing with all sorts of trauma and Orthopedic work. Having two junior Orthopedic Surgeons, Anesthetist and a staff of 12 persons. It is attached to Mechanical Engineering Workshop for development of instruments and implants, since 1976 till date.

Apart from above has done research on host of topics and has innumerable articles published to his credit.


To know more about Dr. Varshney qualifications, academic achievements and career profile


MBBS, MS, MRCOG, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Assistant Professor (SNMC, Agra)

Dr. Amit Tandon,

MBBS, MS,MRCOG, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Lecturer (SNMC)

Dr. Amit Tandon has recently conducted a study on the role of hystroscopic directed biopsies in Gynecological pathologies and has served in the S.N. Medical College. Presently he is working as a private consultant.


He has experience doing open wertheums since last 6 operational years and doing lap Wertheim’s since last 2 years. He has a record for removing 36 week size uterus of 4.1 kg size laparoscopically and record for removing 25 cm, 3 kg large fibroid in infertile female laparoscopically.

He has continuously been participating in various seminar and workshops relating to Reproductive and child health. Has attended workshop on Laparoscopy and Ultrasound under the auspices of AOFOG (Asian Oceania Federation of Obs & Gynae).

He had presented papers on the role of Hysteroscopy in secondary infertility at 43rd AICOG  and on the role of hystroscopic directed biopsies in gynecological pathology presented at 12th UPCOG.

He is a life member of FOGSI.  

At present he is running advanced endoscopic & minimally invasive surgery center at Agra.




IVF Specialist

Dr. Vaishali Tandon

Dr Vaishali Tandon after completed her postgraduation in obstetrics and gynecology has been serving at a leading nursing home in Agra, India. Presently she is the director of the IVF centre at the nursing home.

She is a specialist covering areas targeting In Vitro Fertilization techniques, like, IVF, ICSI, Laser assisted embryo matching, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, embryo freezing, sperm freezing, oocyte freezing. Amniocentesis, fish and Karyotyping are also her areas of focus to help women seek pregnancy (50-60 % is the successful pregnancy rate at present).

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is offered at the centre with a success rate of 60-70 %. 


Guest Contributing Writers

Women At 40 Blogger

Christine Wayman

Christine is a business graduate, qualified marketer and PR. Food and fitness has been a passion of hers for over 25 years; from managing hotels, running a cookery school and blogging about food and fitness, this wonderful subject continues to be all consuming!

More recently she's been focusing on nutrition and the effects of a balanced diet and exercise on the wellbeing of women over 50 - a time of significant change and challenges.

Christine writes regular blogs on retro dining @gastrorian.com  


Celebrity & Entertainment Blogger

Louise Robinson

Louise has worked for market leading companies in Television, Film, Media, Logistics and Automotive. She has gained event management skills in these companies as well as in Motorsport and Formula 1. Her hobbies include Outdoor Fitness, Skiing, Cycling, Tennis and long country walks. She has been a member of leading health and fitness clubs across South East England and participated in 90% of classes. Aside from work she has travelled the world independently and is a member of 3 Networking organisations, two of which are dedicated to women


Nutrition & Wellness Blogger

Anna-Maria Volanaki

Anna-Maria is a qualified sports nutritionist (SENr graduate) with experience in nutrition, wellness and health. She has graduated from Oxford Brookes University where she completed an MSc degree in applied sports and exercise nutrition and she has also completed a BSc (Honours) degree in sports science and physical activity at the University of Athens, Greece. She has worked with a variety of athletes and amateurs as well as with people who want to improve their health and vitality through nutrition. Her specialization is post-exercise recovery, planning nutritious meals, re-hydration, eating before during and after competition. Anna-Maria used to be a synchronized swimmer and during her free time she enjoys swimming, running, dancing and Yoga. She believes that good nutrition and exercise is a great combination that every human needs to be full of energy and enjoy every little moment in life.


Exercise & Fitness Blogger

Megan Davies

Megan is a marketing and communications professional, currently specializing in digital marketing and online content creation. She graduated from the University of Exeter with a Bachelor of Arts in French and Classical Studies before moving into a career in marketing. She is now an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and mentors graduates who are looking to break into the field.  

Megan writes about a range of topics aimed at women, including health, fitness and nutrition. You can find more about her and read other articles she has written on her blog OneWorldWoman.com. 

In her spare time Megan enjoys running, weight training and cooking nutritious meals. She is also a linguist who speaks English, French and Spanish. 



Transformational Life Coach

Andrea Morrison

Andrea Morrison is a Transformational Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP & EFT Practitioner, author and inspirational speaker.  No matter what the issue, from stress, anxiety, lack of confidence or self belief to a lack of balance, direction or feeling stuck, she focuses on enabling women to transform their lives so that they can live the life they would love to live rather than one they would love to leave.
She is author of The Feel Good Factor in 30 days and can be contacted to arrange a free consultation via her website www.andreamorrison.co.uk.



Executive Chef

Kathy Fang

Kathy Fang is a young, extremely talented chef who has emerged from a renowned culinary family in San Francisco to enliven the city's food scene at Fang Restaurant.  She has established herself as a culinary force in one of the most competitive food cities in the world - all while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
Chef Kathy is known for being passionate about food, and for offering healthful takes on everyone's favorite dishes. Chef not only shares recipes and ingredient ideas, but also provides tips for exercise and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle as shown on her new lifestyle website and daily blog, www.KathyFang.com.