Triceps Bench Dips


Muscle Worked



  • Line up flat exercise bench  wide enough apart so that when you lean on  with the palms of your hands, the heels of your feet just fit on the edge of the  bench without falling off.
  • Curl your fingers around the edge of the bench, holding your hands outside of your hips.
  • Slowly lower your body as far down as possible (until your upper arms are parallel to the floor) by bending your upper arms. Keep your forearms and elbows stationary throughout the exercise.
  • Raise yourself to the starting position by pushing up with your triceps. Flex your triceps as you raise to the top.
  • When the hand reached the level of forehead, stop the motion lift the forearm back to the starting position in a slow manner.
  • Make sure the wrist does not bend and always remains in straight line with your forearm.


  • Don't do this exercise until your triceps are strong enough to do at lease 6 repetitions with good form. Refer to the below note to decrease difficulty.
  • Don't cut the movement short by lowering yourself a mere two or three inches.



  • You can decrease the difficulty by moving the benches closer together so that more of your legs are resting on the bench. The closer the benches, the easier it will be to perform the exercise.
  • You increase the difficulty by having your partner place weights in your lap after you have positioned yourself to do the exercise. Make sure your partner watches you closely making sure the weights stay in place and so he/she can remove the weight as soon as you are done.