Squats (Db)


Muscle Worked


Secondary-Hamstrings, Buttocks


  • Stand upright with a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Your arms should be fully extended at your sides, your palms facing in.
  • Your feet should be about hip-width apart, and your upper back upright with your lower back maintaining a natural inward curve.
  • Squat down keeping your shine close to perpendicular to the floor until your things are approximately parallel to the floor. -You should be looking upwards, your upper torso slightly leaned forward and your lower back slightly curved inward or straight.
  • Now stand up to the starting position forcing your hips in and your head up.
  • Don't allow your back to hunch over at any time. Try to keep good posture with your upper back straight and your lower back slightly arched.
  • Don't allow your knees to move farther forward than your toes.
  • Don't squat down farther than your quadriceps being parallel to the floor.
  • Don't bounce or jerk your body in an attempt to gain momentum.  Always move in a very slow, controlled manner.


Be sure to wear a weightlifting belt on this exercise for back support.