Primary - Quadriceps

Secondary - Gluteus and hamstring


  • Slace some sort of pad on the bar so it will be softer on your lower neck muscles.

  • A rolled up towel should do just fine.

  • To get into position bring your feet forward and lean back into the bar so that it rests on the bottom part of your neck.

  • Place it on the thicker muscle part of the trapezius (traps) muscle.

  • After you are leaning on the bar bring your pelvis back so that your back is vertical (not an angle but straight up and down).

  • Unhook the bar from the hook support and squat down with the bar until your rear is at about the level over your knees or slightly below.

  • Extend the legs, standing back up and return to the start position.


  • Make sure the feet are pointed straight and the back is vertical.

  • Use a spotter when performing squats.