Smith Machine Shoulder Press


Muscle Worked

Primary-Shoulders (delts)
Secondary-The triceps, traps and forearms


  • Position the seat under the bar so you can complete the range of motion.
  • Grip the bar a little wider than shoulder width.
  • Lift the bar up and rotate the hooks away from the rack.
  • Under control, lower the bar below your chin.
  • With an explosive motion, push the bar straight up over your head.
  • Repeat this motion until you have completed your desired reps.
  • Keep your back straight. Don't lean back too much or you will shift more of the load from the delts to the upper chest.
  • At the top of the movement, don't lock your elbows. This will keep full tension on the delts and not shift more of the load to the triceps.
  • Be sure that you are taking the bar below your chin and pressing the weight up until your arms are almost straight but not locked.
  • Don't cheat by doing partial reps.