Machine Lower Back Workout


Muscle Worked

Spinal erector greater gluteus muscle.


  • Lie on the machine on your side and put your pelvis in front of the round hip cushion, so that the hip joints are directly above the axis of rotation of the machine.
  • Place the second cushion just above the back of the knee.
  • The upper part of the body is held in position by its own weight and by the handle, which you should hold with your palms facing you and your arms bent.
  • Your legs should be drawn up so far that your lower back is some what rounded.
  • Straighten out your body backwards from the hips until your upper body is in line with your thigh.
  • Bring your body forward again only to a point where the tension remains in the lower back.
  • The upper part of the body should remain absolutely straight, during the entire exercise with your head forming an extension of your spine.
  • Slowly increase the weights used.