Lying Tricep Extension (Bb)


Muscle Worked

All Three Heads Of Triceps


  • Lie on your back on a level bench.  Look straight upwards and place your feet on the bench with legs slightly bent.
  • Take hold of EZ-curl bar and lock it above your upper part of chest.
  • Your wrists should be firm and form a straight line with your forearms and your palms facing your feet.
  • Lower the bar in a semicircular motion down to your forehead from your elbow, elbows should be kept stationary.
  • Stop and slowly return back by raising the forearms back to the starting position where the arms should be slightly bent.
  • Elbow should not move throughout the exercise, only the forearms should move.
  • Keep your back fixed to bench.
  • Don't jerk, slowly return to starting position making use of your forearms.