Lat Machine Pull Downs Behind The Neck


Muscle Worked

Primary - Latisimus dorsi

Secondary - trapeziums, rhomboid muscles.


  • Sit facing the pulley that exercises your back muscles, with feet resting on the ground.
  • Your pelvis should be positioned higher than your knees. Your upper part of the body should form a right angle with the seat and is exactly under the pulling bar.
  • Grip the pulley bar and pull it down behind your head to your shoulders in an even movement, keeping your head straight.
  • Pull down your shoulder behind your head along with your arms. The grip should be such that the forearms form a right angle with upper arms, which are parallel to the floor.
  • Slowly move the arms back to starting position, you must feel tension in your back while raising the shoulder girdle.


  • Don't begin with this exercise if you lack mobility of your shoulder girdle and are unable to pull the bar behind your head.
  • The movement should be slow and steady. Don't hurry to finish off.