Lat Pull with Tube


Muscle Worked

Upper Back


  • Take on the basic position with your legs parallel.
  • Take hold of both handles with one hand and the middle of the tube with the other.
  • Hold your arms above your head a little wider apart than your shoulders so that the tube is stretched.
  • Both the palms should point forward.
  • The hands should form one line with the forearms.
  • Pull both the arms in an even, slow movement out and downwards.
  • Guide the tube just behind your head down to the back of your neck.
  • Keep up the tension in the upper part of the body, pull back your shoulders slightly and do not move forward.
  • After performing this easy way, you can wind the tube one or more times, around the back of your hand.


  • Do not bend the upper part of the body backwards as this can cause lumbar spine strain.
  • After reaching the end point, do not push your head forward.