Standing Kick backs 


Muscle Worked

Upper and middle abdominal


  • Stand facing a wall, with hands in front of you, leaning on the wall or a chair.
  • Your feet should be far enough back so that you are leaning slightly forward.
  • All your weight should be shifted on your left leg.
  • Move your right leg as far back as you can, concentrating and feeling the contraction in your buttocks. Your knee should be slightly bent.
  • Don't arch your back or overextend yourself.
  • Hold your leg at this highest point for a brief second while flexing your buttocks.
  • Slowly lower to the starting position. Repeat with the same leg until you have accomplished the desired number of repetitions.
  • Switch legs and complete the set.


  • Don'ts swing your leg back in an attempt to gain momentum and accomplish the exercise.
  • Don't just let your leg fall down to the starting position. Slowly lower your leg while resisting the force of gravity.
  • Don't let your body do any sort of twisting motion. Make sure your torso remains still while lifting your leg.