Leg Extension with Rubber Band


Muscle Worked

Upper and middle abdominal


  • Sit on the floor with the upper part of the body leaning back, propped upon the arms which are bent a right angle.
  • Wrap the rubber band around both ankles from outside.
  • Place one foot on the ground in front of the body; lift the other slightly to draw the rubber band tight.
  • Your legs should be bent at a right angle. Draw the tip of the second foot towards your shin and feel the stretch.
  • Now stretch the lifted leg completely without overstretching it.
  • Move the leg just as far back so that the foot is not on the ground but the tension remains in the rubber band.


  • Rest of your body should not move throughout the exercise.
  • You must feel the tension in your muscle and should not let the leg drop back by it self.