Bicep Curl (Db)


Muscle Worked



  • Stand with back straight, knees unlocked feet hip-width apart and holds two dumbbells at your side.
  • Your arms should be extended straight down, palms facing your hips.
  • Keeping your elbows close to your body, use your biceps to curl the dumbbells up to the chest level. Your palms should now be facing your head.
  • Hold for a brief second flexing your biceps.
  • Keep your wrist straight and elbows at your sides throughout the exercise.
  • Lower the dumbbells to the starting position in a slow, controlled manner.


  • Don't sway your back or rock your body in an attempt to complete the lift.
  • Don't let your elbows leave your sides.
  • Don't just let the dumbbell drop when lowering it. Let the dumbbells down slowly resisting the weight of the dumbbells.