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The WF cardiovascular exercise content is your on-line "how to" manual. Everything you need to know about cardiovascular exercise and exactly how to achieve the results you desire is taught in the manual.

The cardiovascular exercise content is 16 pages long and can be viewed on your computer or printed out. All the examples in this contents are linked to visual demonstrations that will enhance your understanding.

Below is a list of all the very important topics we'll discuss throughout the cardiovascular exercise content. Member receive full access to the cardiovascular exercise content (and all of the WF website). In addition, sample topics are provided FREE for non-members. Please refer to the chart below.





In the cardiovascular exercise component, you will find information on :

  • The benefits of cardiovascular exercise.
  • The Principles and guidelines for:

    Warming-up, stretching, and cooling-down to assure safety and effective.

  • How many days per week you should exercise.
  • How long each exercise session should last for maximum benefits
  • How to monitor your training intensity.
  • The five different training zones and how to identify the best zone for achieving your goal.
  • How to overcome plateaus by using different training techniques that affective boredom and produce new results.
  • Guidelines for determining an activities potential for generating cardiovascular benefits.
  • How to combine strength training, flexibility training, and good nutrition into cardiovascular exercise program.
  • Ways to stay motivated.
  • Your body type, what results you can expect.
  • The best ways to measure progress.
  • The precautions you should follow to assure safety.

 Importance Of Cardiovascular Training

Women Fitness (WF) believes that the kind of body a women desire is completely in her hands. As the old cell die and the new ones replace them, the new cells are totally dependent upon the building material we supply it. The food we eat, the liquids we drink and the air we breathe determine the body we will possess in near future. Exercise plays an important role to maintain a fit body and sooner we realize this the better we will feel.

Cardiovascular exercise consists of a variety of exercises, which increase the demand of oxygen by the body after 20-30 minutes. With the maintenance of heart rate at 55-85% of the estimated maximum heart rate laid down for every women she can workout to achieve the body she desires.

Increase Ability To Handle Stress (Biochemical)

Decrease Blood Pressure

Increase Aerobic Threshold

Decreases Blood Tri-glyceride.

Increase Fat Burning Enzymes

Decreases Body Fat

Increases Glycogen Storage

Decreases Incidence of Hypoglycemia

Increases Hemoglobin

Decreases Insulin Requirement

Increases Muscle Mass

Decreases Load On The Heart

Increases Stroke Volume of Heart

Decreases Muscle Dependence On Sugar

Improves Bone Calcium

Decreases Resting Heart Rate

Improves Blood High Density Cholesterol

Decreases Stress (Attitude)

Improves Resistance To Cold

Avoid Senility-Increases Oxygen Delivery To Brain

Emotional Lift

Easier To Exercise

Less Conversion Of Sugar To Fat

Higher Level Of Exercise Possible

Oxygen Pickup In The Lungs

More Calories Burned

Fat Deposits Release Fatty Acids Better

More Fat Calories Burned

Better Control Of Hunger

More Calories Required At Rest

 Cardiovascular Training Methods

It is important that you understand and implement the different methods of cardiovascular exercise into your program. It's critical that you realize the different options of a cardiovascular program so you can overcome any plateaus you encounter and prevent boredom. Both of which eventually happen if you continue to do the same exercise and the same training style. You should always be going through a momentum phase in your cardiovascular exercise program where you continue to achieve good results. Thus when you reach a plateau, you want to change your routine and implement a new method. We will teach you the three different training methods to help you achieve a successful cardiovascular program. Namely, interval training, composite training and continuous training, each having its own significance in a fitness program.