Health, vitality and long life are desirable goals for everyone, but they are not achieved without an effort. Most people consider themselves basically healthy as long as they do not suffer from any disease or uniformity. Cardiovascular exercises are most effective in improving fitness and health. You will learn about the various aspects of cardiovascular exercises under this section of WF (Women Fitness) cardiovascular exercise usually involves vigorous exercise sustained over a period of serial minutes, and its effect is to increase the efficiency of lungs, heart and blood circulation. Exercise helps you look and feel your best. It provides you with a fit body and makes you look good and feel well, besides it enables you to live energetically and enjoy more and improve your mental efficiency. Fitness means having efficient circulation, muscular strength and stamina and good balance, this all can be achieve by following the guide lines provided under this section but before you being any kind of exercise consult your doctor and get your body check-up done.

We concur with the recommendations of regular vigorous exercise. We find that our practitioners often emphasize this to patients when discussing heart health matters.