Food Concocting- A Symptom of Binge Eating

Food Concocting- A Symptom of Binge Eating

A food-mixing practice, is known as "concocting". It is common among people with symptoms of binge eating disorder. Examples include "mayonnaise with cheese, beans, ketchup and beef," "mashed potatoes with Oreos" and chocolate, pickles and peanut butter � also with Oreos. To differentiate it from regular snacking, it is recognized as making strange food mixtures that one would be too embarrassed or ashamed to share with others.

According to a recent study, people who concoct are more likely to binge eat than those who overeat without bingeing. Those who concoct reported the same emotions as drug users during the act; they also reported later feelings of shame and disgust, which could fuel an existing disorder. The food concocting study surveyed 507 students from UAB and the University of Texas at El Paso enrolled in Psychology 101 classes, along with 45 clients seeking outpatient treatment for eating disorders in Cincinnati, Ohio. The sample included males and females and was 45.5 percent non-Hispanic White, 40 percent Hispanic and 10 percent African-American.

UAB Examples of �Food Concocting�
  • Mashed potatoes and Oreos�

  • Frozen vegetables and mayonnaise

  • Chips with lemon

  • Pork rinds, Italian dressing and salt

To handle it well binge eaters can try different foods trading in high-calorie combos for healthier alternatives.

If you�re craving something sweet . . .

Food Concocting- A Symptom of Binge EatingSnack on Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. Less sugar, less fat, and more natural, this combination is perfect for solving your ice cream cravings. Try 4-6 oz. of Greek yogurt and 1 cup of grapes or mixed berries.

If you�re craving something salty . . .

Grab a tortilla (a high-fiber one works best) and an ounce of cheddar cheese, and create a low-fat cheese quesadilla on the fly. Just fold it in half, bake it, and top it off with a scoop of salsa.

If you�re craving a mix of sweet and salty . . .

Reach for sliced apples and peanut butter. A sweet, crispy apple paired with salty, all-natural peanut butter is one of the easiest and healthiest snacks to have on hand. One apple provides you with 5 grams of heart-healthy fiber, while all-natural peanut butter contains 4 grams of protein per tablespoon. Your gain-The mixture of protein, fat, and fiber all aid in fullness.

Binge eating in any form should not be ignored. Physical and mental complications can result if binge eating is allowed to go untreated. Unhealthy eating habits, nutritional imbalances, obesity and other health problems can result.


Dated  04 September 2013

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