Quick Fixes for Beauty Blunders

Over Plucking

Sometimes makeup artists go overboard and pluck, pluck, pluck away. It can get so bad that the models can't remember what their natural brow originally looked like. When this happens to you try the following:

  • Leave your brows alone for three weeks to see if the hairs will grow back.

  • Comb brows up and out. Snip off any extra long hairs.

  • Don't go outside the brow line, but use a soft pencil to fill in very sparse spots.

  • Shadow over the brow in a closely matched shade so the brow won't look so harsh.

No Bra, No Problem

Models carry tape for such occasions. One or two strips of electrical tape goes from one armpit to the other. Just follow where the bottom of your bra would go. De-stick the tape on some fabric or plain white paper so that it doesn't hurt when it's pulled off.

Nose Bumps

Quick fixes for beauty blundersLots of models have slight bumps that can easily be disguised. After applying foundation, dip a brush into eye shadow that's slightly darker than your skin tone. On each side your nose; draw a light line along the sides, stopping at the bridge. Tap a little on top of the nose.

Overdone or Streaky Self-Tan

There are products on the market that claim to remove fake tan disasters but it's a chemical reaction that turns you brown and, once that's started, there's not much that can be done.

Get yourself into the shower with a loofah and exfoliate really well will a creamy body wash to help slough away dead skin cells. If you're out and about a light-reflecting product will even out skintone and disguise any major streaks. For the face, use a tinted moisturiser to even out colour, but avoid further cheek colour or bronzer - instead go for nude eye and lip colour so that it looks as fresh as possible. Emphasise eyes so the attention is drawn there. Or you could just don huge shades and wait for the paparazzi to mistake you for a celeb?

Instant Groomed Brows

Tack brows up with a little soap and water. Don't use too much or you'll look constantly surprise

Breakout Prevention

Quick fixes for beauty blundersModels who tend to break out, and know they have to model the next day, eat one or two antacid tablets before going to bed.

These balance the acid in the skin and help to stop breakouts.

Breakout Rash  

Apply sliced cucumbers to the rash. They have anti-inflammatory properties to tone down redness. Apply tea tree oil as a toner.

Shaving Emergency

Put pressure on the cut for five minutes with a tissue soaked in a nasal decongestant spray like Afrin, which stops blood flow by constricting blood vessels.

Thin Lips

A small amount of gloss or pearlized eyes shadow in the center of the bottom lip will make the lips appear pout and full.

Tired Eyes

When model's eyes become bloodshot, a cotton ball saturated with eye drops that is kept in the fridge is gently placed on the eyelid.

It cools the eyes and makes the redness disappear in less than a minute.

Makeup Smudges

Use this model's technique to refresh your eye makeup without having to reapply the whole thing. Use a cotton swab and non-oily makeup remover to take off any makeup that has smudged under your eyes.

Then lightly pat on an alcohol-free toner and concealer.


Dated 29 June 2013


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