Choosing a Hairstyle That Complements Glasses

With the shock of discovering that you need bifocals or that your eyes have weakened over the past year. Comes the need to sort through a huge array of eyeglasses frames to find a shape that works with your hair, the shape of your face and your personality.

There is completely no doubt, that eyeglasses should complement, but not compete with your hairstyle; be sure not to get carried away with a fussy frame if you favor big hair.

The most suitable frame shape is the opposite of your face shape. Angular-shaped faces look better with rounder frames. Softer, fuller faces are enhanced with sharper-edged frame shapes.

Here are few guidelines to keep in mind while going in for the choice of glasses. Check them out-

Balance the Act

The main consideration is balancing the volume and shape of your eyeglasses with your hairstyles. Identify the strongest elements of your hairstyle and then choose a frame that matches.

Combine Classics

A classic hairstyle is one, that need minimal styling and is, one length over all the head, is best suited to frame shapes that have also stood the test of time. Simple round or square eyeglasses are good options.

Measure the Extreme

A strong trendy style, demands eyeglasses that can hold their own. For example, bangs that are little more than a high fringe require eyeglasses with, strong lines. Ovals squares with triangular edges, the ones you might have worn as a kid, work wonders.  

Pull Back Your Hair

A classic chignon or ponytail at the nape of the neck gives you many choices for eyeglasses frames. Merely choose a style that suits the shape of your face.

Repeat the Geometry 

Continue the circular motifs or curly hair in your eyeglasses. Round or oval frames look beautiful. Square frames on the other hand, are too much of a contrast. Since, even short curly hair has movement, choose frames that don't have a lot of detail.

Show Your Face

Large eyeglasses cover quite a bit of the face. This isn't a problem, as long as you keep your hair under control. Otherwise people will ask who's hiding behind those glasses and all that their. One simple step is, cutting off long bangs. Very small frames are unflattering on older faces - look for a medium or larger-size frame which will help camouflage the eye area and its wrinkles and bags.

Tone the frame colour to your hair

Silver, gold, grey, tortoiseshell, etc. Some may like funky colour combinations - try them on and see how they suit. Opt for one that enhances skin tone and hair shade.

The focus should be to keep hairstyles, simple. Complicated curls and fussy accessories give a cluttered look to the face. A good hairdresser will take the wearing of glasses into consideration when suggesting a hairstyle.


Dated 26 March 2013


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