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Welcome to Women Fitness! Thank you for choosing us as your fitness partner. As a WF member you will receive the following benefits.

Personalised Diet & Nutrition Plan

Access to meal plan, easy-to-understand nutrition information, including food sources and easy-to-follow recommendations. This includes a discussion of the role of the 6 nutrients; fats, carbohydrates, proteins, water, vitamins and minerals and the correct ratio of each in achieving desired fitness goals. Women Fitness teaches you how to customize diet strategies into a plan that's perfect for you - one that's specific for your age, gender, body type, personal preferences and schedule, activity level, and goals. Sample WF Personalized Meal Plan, click here.

Weight Management Plan

Offers everything you need to know about effective weight management including how to adopt gradual, realistic changes that make healthy eating and physical activity a permanent pleasure.

Each WF Healthy Recipe includes number of servings, ingredients needed, instructions, and nutritional information.

A Customized Exercise & Fitness Plan

More than 100 exercise instructions to be viewed on your computer (along with a customized exercise program.) WF Health and Fitness Experts work round the clock, to help members achieve desirable results.

Strength Training Program

Muscular strength is an essential parameter for fitness. WF fitness Experts have continued to help women transform their body into one they love to possess. You too can achieve the results you dream of by taking up WF strength training program. As a member you gain access to guidelines for an effective strength training routine, plus access to more than 90 strength-training exercises (including 20 you can do at home, in a hotel, etc.) on your PC, as well as a personalized strength training program based on your level of experience. Sample WF Beginners Strength training routine, click here.

Cardiovascular Exercise Program

Depending on your location, age, present level of fitness and goal desired you will recieve a personalized exercise plan to help you achieve desired results. We promise our cardio routine will help you transform into a lean and fit physique. We guarantee healthy weightloss. Enlisted in cardiovascular e-book you'll find guidelines for an effective cardio fat-melting routine and access to most popular and effective cardiovascular exercises to view on your computer or take to your health club. Sample WF cardiovascular exercise program , click here.

Flexibility Training Program

Gain access to more than 30 of stretching and yoga exercises to enhance your flexibility. You'll learn practical information about flexibility training (stretching) in your fitness program to maximize all your workouts.

Fitness Tools and Calculators

Keeping a track of your progress is essential to confirm that you are heading in the right direction. WF tools like, Metabolic Index will track your nutritional progress, the Heart Rate Calculator will guide you in achieving improved aerobic fitness. All along the way your daily fat intake will be monitored by WF online fat calculator. Additional tracking tools to monitor your progress are BMI, BMR, Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator, Protein Calculator and Test Your Abdominal Strength.

Complete Personal Fitness Consultation

The panel of WF nutritionist, gynaecologists, fitness trainers and doctors will personally monitor your progress and guide you to achieve optimum health status. We'll answer all your health and fitness questions and develop an exercise and nutrition plan that is right for you, one that's specific to your fitness level, limitations, goals and preferences, and time and equipment availability. All questions and program requests receive a detailed response within 24 hours-guaranteed! Click here to meet the WF health and fitness experts!

Exclusive Motivational Thoughts

WF members receive personalised motivation every Monday via e-mail to keep them determined and focused on the path towards good health. Click here, for Sample of a WF Monday Motivation.

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We feel privileged to inform, that Womenfitness.net has been selected & featured in the Forbes Top 100 websites for women in the world.- WF Team


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Newspapers and Magazines from around the World have authenticated Women Fitness as source of information on women health and fitness. Some of them are as below:

  1. International Business Times

  2. "Canarsie Courier" published by Newspaper Association of America

  3. Gainesville magazine

  4. Herald Tribune

  5. The Herald Business Journal

  6. Women Health and Fitness Magazine

  7. Hindustan Times from India

  8. Forbes

Detailed reviews are available at Achievements and Press Releases section of the site.


Testimonials & Accreditations
  1. Talayna Fortunatois, CrossFit Athlete I'm glad there is a portal out there for women all around the world to be inspired by other women living healthy and fit lives. I encourage women to share anything they find here that motivates them with others.

  2. Chloe Bruce, martial artist, World Kickboxing I think womenfitness.net is great. If you are looking to tone up, get in shape or just look for tips on a healthier lifestyle then I would highly recommend it.

  3. Adelinde Cornelissen, Dutch dressage rider I love the website! Lots of information, motivates enormously! Keep up the good work! Go for it!

  4. Marousa Polias, Australian Ladies Amateur Golf Champion 2004 Womenfitness.net is an extraordinary resource for all women who aspire to take a bold step in loving their body and treating it right.

  5. Nastia Liukin, Olympic medalist in artistic gymnastics. I've been a fan of the website so I'm excited to have given all the readers a little glimpse into my life.

  6. Morgan Tombler What a spectacular site you've created with Women Fitness! My mom and girlfriend are avid readers. Your publication has aided them in staying physically and mentally happy--I appreciate this wholeheartedly.

  7. For more Testimonials click here


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