Diet key to slowing cardiovascular disease progression in women

Diet key to slowing cardiovascular disease progression in women

Reported June 16, 2009

Washington, June 16: Researchers at Tufts University and Wake Forest University have found that following adherence to recommendations for whole-grain, total fat, and cholesterol intake leads to a decrease in atherosclerotic progression.

The researchers say that their most important finding is that adherence to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA)—which provide guidance to promote health and reduce risk of chronic diseases—in individuals with atherosclerosis beneficially affects cardiovascular disease progression.

They have also observed that certain foods certain foods play a more prominent role than others.



“The study by Imamura et al noted dietary guidelines compliance difficulty among post-menopausal women yet observed adherence may slow the progression of atherosclerosis. This observation is critical as we identify foods and behaviours to improve health and encourage compliance through education among the general public, health care professionals, and public health policy decision-makers,” said ASN Spokesperson Roger Clemens, DrPH.

Source : American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.