Vitamin D ‘is good for cardiac health’

Vitamin D ‘is good for cardiac health’

Reported February 17, 2010

Getting a sufficient intake of vitamin D can increase heart health and reduce the likelihood that patients will have to visit people with cardiac physiology jobs, it has been claimed.

According to Denise Armstrong, lifestyle manager at Heart Research UK, it is advisable for individuals to expose themselves to sunlight and eat a healthy diet rich in foods like salmon and mackerel.

Her comments come after the publication of research conducted by a team at the University Of Warwick, who said that high levels of the vitamin can cut down people’s risk of illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.



The study suggested that middle-aged and elderly patients with high levels of the substance can reduce their chances of developing such health problems by 43 per cent.

Ms Armstrong remarked: “The research has verified the fact that vitamin D does seem to be heart-healthy, we are pleased with that.”

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