Natalie Cassidy confesses about her binge eating and yo-yo dieting

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Natalie Cassidy confesses about her binge eating and yo-yo dieting

– Reported, February 04, 2013


Natalie Ann Cassidy is an English actress, best known for her role on East Enders where she played Sonia Fowler for twelve years. She also appeared in the BBC Two sitcom Psychoville was a contestant on the seventh series of Strictly Come Dancing and the ninth series of Celebrity Big Brother. On 9 April 2012 it was announced by Cassidy that she

would become a regular on Loose Women as of 13 April 2012.

Natalie Cassidy’s weight loss and fitness DVD sold more than 100,000 copies in its first month of release. But the ex-Eastenders star has revealed that dropping from a size 16 to a

6 for the best selling release left her feeling desperately unhappy. The 29-year old actress has opened up about the experience, and revealed that despite telling people her dramatic

weight loss was due to working out, there was also a lot of extreme calorie counting behind the scenes.

Natalie’s 2007 DVD, Natalie Cassidy’s Then & Now Workout, is one of the UK’s top selling fitness DVDs, but the bubbly actress says that she feels guilty for misleading the public.

She told The Sunday Mirror: ‘It was all a bit of a farce. It was all wrong.

‘The wrong way to lose the weight and wrong that the public believed I’d done it the right way. I’d never do it in that way again.’

At the time, Natalie gushed about how if she could lose the weight then anyone could, and found herself on countless magazine covers talking about her svelte new shape.

But at home, mum of one Natalie was having to brush off concerns from her close friends and family who worried she was making herself ill with her dedication to keeping the weight off.

‘I was really obsessed, I would spend hours thinking about what I could eat the rest of the day. ‘My world revolved around calories. I would have no breakfast, a tiny bowl of soup for lunch then a tiny salad. And that was it.’

She added, ‘My friends and family said I looked gaunt and ill, but the DVD people were telling me I looked amazing, so I chose to believe that instead. ‘Natalie found that her  devotion to staying thin affected her social life, and she became a recluse, and later she gained weight when she became engaged to her then-boyfriend Ben Porter.

Today, Natalie is settled with her partner Adam Cottrell and their baby Eliza, and is confident that she has escaped the yo-yo dieting trap, and is an advocate of regular exercise and healthy eating.

And her previous bad experience of the fitness DVD world has not put her off potentially doing another. She hopes to release another workout DVD once she has regained the public’s trust.