Lucy Watson workout personal trainer in a local park

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Lucy Watson workout personal trainer in a local park

– Reported – July, 29 2013

Lucy Watson workout personal trainer in a local park

Lucy Watson work out hard to get that strong perfect body.

Move along please, nothing to see here – unless of course you’re Lucy Watson. Indeed, passers-by would have spotted the Made in Chelsea star in London’s Battersea Park on Sunday, where she was being put through her paces by personal trainer Richard Smith-Bernal, a semi-professional rugby player. Wearing a vest top, black spandex shorts and a pair of white Nikes, Lucy effectively showed off the fruits of her rigorous daily gym routine as she sweated her way through a string of free exercise routines including stomach crunches, press-ups, squats and stretching.

The 22-year-old even pulled on a pair of white boxing gloves for a spot of boxcercise – one of the most effective ways to burn off unwanted calories. Not that she has to worry too much about that – her body looked healthy, toned and beach-ready during the outdoor exercise session, while the cropped vest-top revealed a flat stomach and a distinctive naval piercing. While the sight of someone jogging in a London park is common enough, it was something of a surprise to see Lucy wearing make-up for her sweaty work-out.

While her brown hair was tied back in a loose pony-tail, the reality TV star appeared to be wearing a subtle hint of foundation and a natural coloured lipstick. As photographers snapped her being put through her paces, she seemed to be in high-spirits, even bursting into fits of giggles during one of her exercise routines. Despite her romance with Made in Chelsea co-star Spencer Matthews fizzling out at the end of last series, she recently admitted she’s looking forward to filming new scenes for the forthcoming series.

‘We start filming in mid-July,’ she told Star magazine. ‘I’m going away again because we can’t go during filming unless we plan something altogether. It’s best just to go away now and get it out of my system.’

She also admitted to being apprehensive about getting involved in another relationship following her difficult split from Spencer. ‘I love it and I’m being my true self,’ she said, ‘People understand me now. But I think it’s going to be tricky for me, meeting guys. I can’t see myself trusting anyone anytime soon. ‘I just hope I’m not going to become some horrible b**ch whop doesn’t talk to anyone! I just hope to continue being me, being myself.’