Cholesterol Link To Female Sexual Problems

Cholesterol Link To Female Sexual Problems

Reported September 10, 2009

We’ve all heard about the link between unhealthy living and erectile dysfunction in men but new research shows that women had better watch out too! The research which was done by Professor Katherine Esposito and her colleagues from the Second University of Naples in Italy noted that having high cholesterol didn’t just have a bad effect on the health of the hearts of women but it also made it harder for them to become sexually aroused and to enjoy sex.

They said therefore that using statins which lower cholesterol could actually also treat women for female sexual dysfunction. High cholesterol or Hyperlipidemia as it is referred to by doctors causes arteries to get blocked and this is why men sometimes have problems getting erections because the penile artery suffers from a build up of fatty deposits and this reduces blood flow.

Not everyone is aware that like male sexual arousal, females also need a boost in blood flow to the sexual organs in order to achieve good sexual function and to enjoy sex, and therefore high cholesterol which restricts blood flow is bound to be detrimental overall. When the researchers looked at a large group of premenopausal women some of whom suffered from hyperlipidemia and some who did not they noted a significant higher amount of sexual satisfaction, orgasms, lubrication and arousal in those women without the condition.

In fact almost 1/3 of the women with hyperlipidemia reported under average scores in a female sexual function questionnaire which led them to be diagnosed as suffering from female sexual dysfunction. Women with normal blood lipid levels only reported female sexual dysfunction in nine percent of cases. The researchers pointed out that while sexual function was negatively affected by the hyperlipidemia, the actual sexual desire of the women was not significantly different in both groups of women.

From our research at Ukmedix News we have seen time and time again that the majority of men and women who suffer from sexual problems tend to have poor health overall and we feel that the best way to prevent sexual problems in the future is to eat healthily, stay fit, stay away from smoking and not to drink too much.

Source : UKMedix News