Good Cholesterol has Genetic Links

Good Cholesterol has Genetic Links

Reported March 17, 2009

(Ivanhoe Newswire) – Good blood could run in your blood! New research shows high levels of HDL cholesterol (HDL-C), also known as “good” cholesterol, could arise from a genetic mutation.

Researchers found mutations in the LIPG gene, which codes for the endothelial lipase enzyme, result in high plasma HDL-C levels. Individuals with high plasma HDL-C levels are at a decreased risk of developing coronary artery disease – a condition where plaque builds up inside the coronary arteries, putting the patient at an increased risk of heart attack.



Based on this data, researchers report inhibition of endothelial lipase is likely to raise HDL-C levels in humans. However, further research will need to be conducted to determine if the rise in HDL-C levels could impact cardiovascular health.

SOURCE: The Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2009