Exercise DVD for new mothers and their babies

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Exercise DVD for new mothers and their babies.

– Reported May 22, 2013

Exercise DVD for new mothers and their babiesThe world’s first exercise DVD where mothers can workout while strapped to their baby has been released. For mothers who are desperate to shift the post-natal bulge but simply can’t bear to spend time apart from their newborn, the answer may be here. BabaBoogie is a special fitness regime which can be safely done with a little one strapped in a harness.

The video is the brainchild of Michelle Vellacott, 39, who gave birth for the first time a year ago and wanted to get back in shape.
But she found it difficult to fit exercise around caring for her new-born Gracie – so came up with a way of working out while carrying her.

The program is a series of exercises designed to get mothers moving – set alongside cute cartoons and happy tunes which keep bouncing baby happy.
Michelle said: ‘You see these celebrity mums and it made me think I would have a flat stomach straight after giving birth to Gracie. But I soon found out that wasn’t the case.

‘She was three-months-old and I just wanted to get back into shape but my local gym said I couldn’t bring her along even sleeping in her pram.
‘It was hard to fit a class in around her schedule and you just don’t want to be away from them when they are that little, and they don’t want to leave your side.
‘So I had a search on the internet and there really wasn’t much out there except a bit of lifting your baby up and down during yoga, so I came up with BabaBoogie.’

There are two workouts – the first a 20-minute session for new mums whose babies are around six-weeks-old.

It includes gentle exercises designed to stretch out muscles – and there is also a second workout which is more active.
The DVD – which is fronted by CBeebies presenter Sarah Jane Honeywell – does not come with a carrier, but can be done with any conventional type.
Michelle added: ‘The first one is just to ease mums back in and there are some movements which are good for shoulders which might be a bit hunched from breastfeeding or even bottle feeding.
‘The second one is still fun and easy, but mums might get a bit sweatier. It’s great because instead of having to squeeze in exercise when they are having a nap, you can have them with you and then enjoy a cup of tea or a nap when they drift off.

‘Initially I just wanted to do something that both mum and baby could do, but it does have that element of the baby adding extra weight to your exercise.’

Former Byker Grove star Holly Matthews was one of the first mums to try out the DVD before it went on sale last week.

In just six weeks the svelte mum-of-two said she was able to slip back into her size six clothes.
Holly, 29, said: ‘My baby just giggles away during the DVD. I am near enough the size I was before and I was just happy I could get back into my clothes.’

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