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What is your hair care routine? 


I wash my hair every day.

I wash and condition my hair every 2 - 3 days.

I like trying our new colours and products so it varies.


How often do you massage your face  ?


Every day.

Every week.

Hardly ever.


How do you remove your make-up at the end of the day  ?


I use soap, then a moisturizer.

I use a cleanser and toner, followed by a moisturizer.

I usually use a cleanser but if it's late I leave it till morning.


What is your dental routine  ?


I brush morning and night.

I brush and floss morning and night.

I brush in the morning and use mint chewing gum during the day.


What do you drink during the day  ?


Juice, tea and coffee.

Water and herbal tea.

Fizzy drinks, occasionally some wine with my lunch.


How much time do you sit in the sun  ?


Quite a lot when the weather's good, but I always use a sun cream.

I cover up, especially in the hottest part of the day.

I love sun bathing on holiday and my skin tans easily.


How many fresh fruits and vegetables do you eat each day  ?


I love fruit but I'm not a big vege fan.

I try to have a balanced five fruit and vegetables a day.

I tend to eat on the move so it depends what is available.


How often do you do facial exercises  ?


Every week

Every day.

Hardly ever.


When do you wear sunglasses  ?


I always wear them in the summer.

I wear dark glasses that block out the harmful rays, even in the winter.

I've got a whole range of fashion sunglasses for every occasion.


How often do you exfoliate  ?


Every day

Every week.

Hardly ever.